Stand Up For Peace…

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Blogging for Peace

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  1. Tracie,
    I was just composing a post that harmonizes with your video perfectly. I am in awe. Of your photography, your vision, your words, the music, and our synchronicity. I knew you were going to be an amazing contributor, but I did not expect to be blown away so quickly. //bow// Thank you for this amazing piece of art. ||bow|| {{{Hugs]}} Kozo

    • It is I who should be thanking you… I have been meaning to do another video for such a long time, but just never had the inspiration until now. And at a time when I seriously wondered if anything I did mattered, you reminded just how much it does, and just how much each and every one of us is needed in this mission for Peace. xxoo

    • Wow, awesome synchronicity you guys! Talk about positive feedback loop creating this quantum ripple that’ll change reality as we write. We are indeed composers of our own destiny. Can you feel the energy here? <3

  2. Very uplifting messages, beautiful photography!!!! Thank you for sharing and for introducing me to another band, will have to check them out. :)

    • The music was written and preformed (in my lounge room), but my youngest son and his best friend… So glad you enjoyed the video. I still don’t really know what I am doing when it comes to video’s.. this is only the 3rd one I have ever made, but I muddle along OK :)

      • What the music is by your youngest son and his friend?? What a talented family. I love the pauses at the end of the song. As for videos, I was going to ask you what program you were using, because your videos look so professional. You and yours are amazing, Tracie.

      • Like me, my son is completely self taught. He asked for a guitar for his birthday. He taught himself to play. He now writes music, plays electric & acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, and a little drums. He and his best friend put out a self made album (recorded in my spare bedroom), as High Hopes, but now they also have a drummer and are about to release another home made album, as Heartfelt. My son does all the sound mixing himself on his computer. He is the one on the right in that last picture. They played in a talent contest at our local pub once… they didn’t win :(. As for my video, I made it on my Macbook with iMovie. It’s a great program and I am sure it is capable of doing incredible things, I just have to learn how to use it more :)

  3. Well, for a novice, you did a wonderful job. ;) I take pictures, write poetry, and sing….but I have yet to make any videos of any of it. ;)

  4. Inspiration comes at the oddest of times! ;)

    Well maybe you can help me sometime, learn how to make these videos? :)

  5. Your photography is phenomenal Tracie! Wow, I love every picture, you really know your craft :)

    Thanks for the inspiring and uplifting post!


  6. Reblogged this on everyday gurus and commented:
    I put a link to this in my last post, but YOU GUYS GOTTA SEE THIS. I’m planning on playing this video at the end of the year B4Peace party. Sit back and get ready to feel some peace.

    • Peace has always been important to me. I think I was born a pacifist. I have never been able to handle violence of any kind, and so being a warrior for Peace is just how I choose to live my life. I’m really thrilled you liked the video. peace&blessings ♥

  7. Reblogged this on Wrestling Pollyanna and commented:
    I had to share this post from an exceptional photographer and friend in the blogisphere, Tracie Louise.
    Tracie has joined the Bloggers for Peace initiative, about which you will soon read more on this site.
    Until then, enjoy Tracie’s beautiful message and stunning photographs.

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