Blogging for Peace….


Can one person make a difference?

I believe that they can.  I believe that we all make a difference just by the nature of our very presence here.  How much of a difference we make is up to us.

Recently I came across an individual determined to make a difference in the lives of us all.  “Blogging for Peace”.. is a wonderful idea, encouraging all of us in the blogasphere to make a concerted effort to speak about, to write about, to illustrate and to contribute to the spread of Peace in whatever way comes naturally to us as individuals.

Anyone who knows me, knows that Peace is a passion of mine.  I seriously struggle with violence in any form, even if it is just be for “entertainment”.. which personally I will never understand.

So I encourage my fellow bloggers to make the commitment to join us in our efforts to spread the Peace, spread the Love, and stand up for the kind of world that I think we all want to live in.  We truly CAN make a difference.  Simply by our willingness to try… by placing the focus of attention on a better, more peaceful world… we DO make a difference.  “Where attention goes, energy flows”.  Let’s put our attention on a Peaceful world for all of us, and just see what can happen when people join together in a common goal.  Click the image below, and join the revolution!!

Blogging for Peace

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    • You are so welcome.. and thank you for the lovely comment. I have been recently questioning whether or not my blog matters in the grand scheme of things, but hopefully by combining forces with other like-minded people, together we can make a difference.

      • Tracie,
        Your blog definitely matters in the grand scheme of things. I am so thrilled you are joining B4Peace. Your photography brings so much peace to the viewer. It also makes us care for nature which is a huge component of world peace, especially with global warming causing shortages in resources. I can’t wait to see what images you choose every month for your peace post.

        I also can’t wait to share your blog with the other B4Peace bloggers. Which reminds me, make sure you tag your post B4Peace so other bloggers can find you. You might also want to link to other Bloggers for Peace posts under related articles. As soon as the other bloggers find your blog, I’m sure you will get a lot of pingbacks. We want to create a web that will enable others to jump from one peace post to another. If you have any questions, let me know. Once again, thank you so much for all you do. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

      • I am so glad you enjoy what I do, and so thrilled to be a part of your B4Peace. It’s important work and I am honoured to be a part of it. I’m not real experienced with the ping backs etc, but will figure it out as I go :)

  1. I, like you, believe one person can make a difference so imagine the difference Bloggers For Peace will make! I’m in! …I just need to noodle on it for a bit to see how I will use this power…:)

  2. First what a stunning picture … so colorful and delicate. Wonderful.
    I have both blogged for peace and human trafficking, but nobody is really interested.
    Responses were very low. Hopefully you will be interested in reading them both. I’m strong believer that we can all make a difference – through raising awareness.
    Here is the links to my two posts &
    I think it’s a fantastic idea and …. I support anyone that what to take this on. Good luck to you. A beautiful post.

    • I too have been guilty of assuming nobody’s really interested. In the past week or so I have been considering giving up blogging all together, but I have to wonder if it makes any difference at all in the grand scheme of things. Am I really making any difference in the lives of anyone at all? But after being invited to join the Blogging for Peace movement, I realised that we all have to do what we can, however big, or however small. We never really truly appreciate the difference we might be making, or just who we might be reaching, that we didn’t even realise. It’s very tempting to get caught up in how many “likes” we get, or how many comments we get… but I know firsthand that sometimes we are reaching people who never hit the “like” button, and are too shy to leave a comment, and yet we have touched their souls regardless. Basically, we just keep on going, and we do whatever we can.

      • You’re right in what you’re saying – that it doesn’t have anything to do with how LIKE we get. The sad thing is that there has been war on earth so long as we human have been on it and most of them down to our religions and beliefs. I think it’s a great idea …

  3. Hello! I wanted to nominate you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Go to for rules and a list of nominees, including yourself! :)

    Keep writing, I really do enjoy reading what you have to say! You really do have such inspiring things to share. By the way too, I love the picture of the butterfly. It makes me peaceful and you are right, one person can change so much and when we work together, just think of the impact we can have…..God Bless!

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