Time for Another Free Give Away…

I have been thinking that it was about time to do another free greeting card give away.  But this time with a twist.

Instead of me going ahead and ordering some cards and then sending them out randomly, and just hoping that you liked what you got…. I thought it would be really great if you could tell me which images you would like to see on greeting cards.

So here’s how it’s going to work… comment (or send an email if you feel more comfortable)…telling me which image you would like to see on a card… and… who you would like to send it to.

Whilst I am seriously flattered that some of you kept your greeting cards from last time… and some of you even framed them.. which was quite the compliment.  The aim of the exercise is to reach even more people.  So it would be just wonderful (and I would really REALLY appreciate it) if you could send the cards to someone you love…. even someone you don’t.

And as a added bonus, I would like to introduce you to a very good friend, and talented artist… Debra Coats.  Deb’s unique artistic style is so perfectly suited to greeting cards, and so I am very honoured to be able to give away some of her wonderful work as well.  More greeting card’s are available at Deb’s Redbubble

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All the cards on this site are available plus many more to choose from at Redbubble

Cards are available as both greeting cards and post cards, so don’t forget to mention which you would prefer.  A dozen cards will be given away this time, and preference will be given to those who haven’t already received one.

And once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone SO much for all your continued support and wonderful comments.

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  1. Hi Trcie!, I was one of these people that got nominated last time to get a card…. I think you have sent them away, but, but I have not received mine! Hugs

    • Wow… really… I sent that ages ago. I wonder what happened. I’m so sorry. Email me your address again (because after my computer crash the other day, I have lost all my emails), and I will send another asap. And don’t forget to tell me which one you would like to receive. hugs xxoo

  2. Hi Tracie..it’s a great initiative…i’m still waiting for your card..may be you should note down my address again ;)
    Ground floor, flat no 2, V2, Sajjangad, Ashokvan, Borivli East, Mumbai; 400066, India.
    Really appreciate :)

    • Well that is just weird. I sent your card weeks and weeks ago. I actually had 3 or 4 that went to Mumbai. I wonder what went wrong. I’m so sorry. Will send another one. And this time I need to put a return address… just in case.

  3. What a wonderful though and gesture !!!
    I would like to see – SS Dicky the portfolio frame picture – on a card and I would love to send to my best friend in Stockholm that is losing her vision slowly.- she had to sell her car this week and I would love to send this card while she can still enjoy the beauty in i.
    Viveka Gustavson
    Östergatan 107a
    SE-261 34 Landskrona

      • Yours is fine… the idea was that you can then send it on to whomever you choose, and write on the card as you wish…. I will get it off to you as soon as I can. Thanks so much for participating.

        Also… I have added you to my blog’s links.. hope you don’t mind :)

      • Of course you can … feel honoured to be linked up with you *smile
        My friend will love those cards … thank you so much.

  4. wow Tracie, what a wonderful surprise to see this post!! thank you dear friend for your love and support. My Redbubble order has shipped,, so I should have my new cards this week. I just love your work,. and Redbubble, their quality is top notch!!! I’m using my order for some gifts for our fundraiser., Cards, stamps, and a pretty pen. I think we need to bring back the mail! Who doesn’t love receiving a card in the mail. And if you have college students, well, …… they LOVE mail. Mu favorite card, the Squirrel!!!

  5. Tracie….
    This is so generous of you! I would love a butterfly or dragonfly to send to my best friend who has a brain tumor. I know she’ll love it. She loves photography and beautiful images like yours.
    I”ll send my address via your email. Thank you so much…

  6. just received another order from Redbubble….. Tracie, your work just makes me so happy…and if it makes me happy… just think of the joy it will bring the receiver…. Here I go,….. I’m gonna change the world with one beautiful-feel-good card at a time ;) love ya and happy Mothers Day!!!!!

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