Like Two Peas….

I have a best friend.

Her and I are nothing alike….like night and day.

I often wonder why we are such good friends… we have almost nothing in common.

She’s a farm girl, I like creature comforts.

Her idea of the perfect holiday is camping on the beach at Fraser Island with 40 of her closest relatives, my perfect holiday is a 5 star luxury hotel in the Whitsunday Islands, adjoining my private beach, with not another living soul in sight.

She’s a “pets outside” person, I’m a pets sleep in my bed person.

She likes Christian Rock, I like Punk Rock.

I wouldn’t be caught dead without hair and make-up done, I don’t think I have ever seen any make-up on her.

Even the things we do have in common, like photography, we approach completely differently. I like it bold and bright, she likes it dark and muted.

So why are we such great friends?

Because despite our many differences we have one or two things in common.

We love to laugh.  We have such a great time together. We can be silly and be completely ourselves without ever having to fear judgement.

We care about each other.  There isn’t anything we would do to help the other in need.

And we love life…. as much as we love each other’s friendship.

And that is how is should be.

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  1. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing…we need to see this kind of friendship more often. We need to learn to accept and appreciate others if we want to have real friends! Keep psting and Thank you again!

  2. The Love of life is a pretty strong connection. I think photographers in general have a strong love of life and that’s why we want to share it others! PS. Two cats right up on the bed!!!

  3. Wow. What a photograph. I love your description of friendship. I have known that kind of bond too. Sadly, they are gone now. But, others come along. The world is filled with good people. We simply have to see them. Beautiful post all the way around, Tracie!

  4. Two sparrows? Wow.Looks so beautiful Tracie!! :)

    This post on friendship was sooo cute! It made me smile all through.Really sweet Tracie!! :) I think these kinda people happen to make most of the happy part of our lives as friends!! :)

  5. This might be the sweetest post that I have ever seen on WordPress. Simple short and to the point. So nice. And that photograph is…I have no words to say how wonderful and beautiful and absolutely perfect and gorgeous it is. Your photos are marvelous. Keep up the excellent work.

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