iPhone Frog :D

I have had one of those outdoor hot tubs for about 9 years.  Best thing I ever bought.  Most evenings I soak my troubles away in the swirling bubbles of warm water.  It’s like my meditation time, and I just love it.

Turns out though, that I am not the only one who appreciates my hot tub.  From time to time I get the occasional little green visitor.  They don’t go in the water (and it’s deadly for them if they ever do).. but they like to sit on the side and enjoy the warmth.

Last night I took my iPhone out to the tub with me… I am reading a book that happens to be stored on the phone.  And when I opened the lid to the spa, I was greeted with a big green smile.  And me, being me… since I had a camera on the phone, couldn’t resist the opportunity to snap, my new little friend.  He sat and watched me relaxing for a short time, before hoping off back into the trees.

I wonder if I will see him again tonight :)

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  1. Hi, Traci. Rubicorno is a blog photographer on WP. He shoots all of his photographs on his iPhone. Check him out: This link is to his cemetery photos because I like them:
    He explains what apps he uses, etc.

    I love your frog! I have a really hard time accepting how good the camera phones are now. I’m way too shaky to use my iPhone camera, but my grandson does. This frog is as good as any camera could have produced. Don’t you think?

    • It’s pretty impressive to me just how good the phone camera’s have gotten. Now I know what it can do, I might use it more often. I always have my phone with me (but then again, I almost always have my camera too). Thanks for the link, I will go check it out :)

  2. Your cute little friend looks like a happy camper. What a wonderful photograph. It is a good thing you had your camera with you to capture the moment. Thank you for sharing, This is great! A fun shot indeed.

    • It’s just amazing what my phone can do… I have all my music on it, my books, internet, camera, calendar, calculator, notebook,.. tonnes of stuff… oh… and it even makes phone calls :P

      But seriously Jennifer,, thank you for your comment. The iPhone camera is pretty cool. xxoo

  3. We have, a couple of hours ago, just arrived home after spending the week-end in your state, Queensland, and what were we welcomed by but a green friend sitting on our front verandah who looks very much like the one in your pic…. so cute… ;)

      • Home for us is in the beautiful Hunter Valley in NSW.
        We feel for you Queenslanders – good old Queensland has really been in the wars lately; or should I say; in the rain….! However; it didn’t concern us because we spent most of the time indoors…. We had a great time…! ;)

  4. My boss at the “Big Blog” hollers at all the editors to have a camera of some sort on hand every waking moment. My pocket camera is off being repaired, right now, and I feel the loss every minute outdoors.

  5. That is the best type of new friend … he won’t call at all hours, well maybe HE will!! Ribit, ribit! Fantastic picture!

  6. Haha what a picture :) brilliant. What a joy it must be having a hot tub and even better to have something as beautiful and colorful as that visit ;) and what a smile he/she has, enough to make anyone smile

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