I have no Enemies.

I just finished reading a blog from a lovely lady, who’s blog I often enjoy reading.  I was a bit shocked by what I read though.. and I wrote the following response.  And since this response kinda sums up how I feel about a lot of things, I thought I would share it here.

“I don’t expect anyone to agree me… it’s nice if they do… but perfectly OK if they don’t. We are all entitled to our own views. That doesn’t make anyone my enemy. It just makes us all unique individuals, looking at life through our own unique perspectives and tainted with our own unique experiences. I have NO enemies. Just friends who happen to see things differently from me.”

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  1. Well said Tracie – unfortunately there are some that do consider someone who disagrees with them an enemy. Those people expect everyone to believe and feel the same way they do…… It’s an unhealthy cult like existence.

  2. You said it well. When we know better, we do better. I never heard it put like that, but I will remember it. Thank you for reminding us, Tracie.

  3. Diversity contains the keys to some of my best relationships. Provocation for my deepest thoughts, and the constant re-examination of the sum total of my existence as I might see, and understand it. How could someone who makes me think, and otherwise engage me to be the best I can, be anything other than a very good friend?

  4. One of the worlds coolest birds! Great post as always … and the comments of others only add to your original comment! Thanks for sharing.

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