Our lives are a reflection of all that we think and all that we believe.  When we seek beauty, our lives become beautiful. When we seek truth, our lives become genuine.

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  1. I love the reflections of the countryside or city on the water. It mirrors the outdoor decor of buildings and natural life.. Stunning.

  2. Tracie, is this a photo of the CHicago skyline’s reflections in Lake Michigan? I used to live in Chicago for 26 years and this looks familiar, EITHER WAY, a beautiful photo.


  3. Incredible photos. As long as we, the mortals, do not see such images in the world, that means they are enriched with something from inside the artist who sees the beauty of the universe…

  4. Man! You are an awesome photographer! Point blank. Can’t really say anymore than that! Glad this is in a slide show, because if I could, I”d like every individual picture!

  5. Tracie Louise, Reflections in water are irresistible. The night time cityscapes with their bright lights are stunning with the bright colours contrasting against the darkness. You demonstrate your love of colour by the way you make the colours sing..

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